National Vending Association

NVA (formerly AAVA)

Previously known as AAVA, the National Vending Association (NVA) was created to serve its members in the professional coin-operated vending industry.

Who are the NVA members?

NVA members include vending machine operators as well as vending machine suppliers, product suppliers, suppliers of hardware and software for payment systems, accessories and parts and also providers of vending support services. Our members not only distribute conventional vending machine products like snacks, drinks and coffee. Some are also involved in vending full food solutions such as fresh or frozen meals, ice cream and non-edible products like toiletries, cigarettes, stationary supplies, massage chairs and much more.

NVA aims to support and educate its members

The aim of the association is to uphold vending excellence through support and education. NVA provides advice and assistance to our members and prospective vending machine operators. Regular liaising with similar organizations, both interstate and overseas, has enabled our members to keep abreast of the latest initiatives within the vending industry, including the facilitation of cashless vending in this digital era.

Contact NVA for info or to join us

NVA is a dynamic body and its membership continues to grow. TheĀ committee is happy to answer any enquiries you may have about the vending industry.