About NVA

The National Vending Association (NVA), formerly known as the Australian Automatic Vending Association (AAVA), was set up to promote the interests of the Australian vending industry.

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NVA’s mission
To achieve vending excellence through support and education.

NVA’s objectives
The National Vending Association was set up 30 years ago. Its objective is to provide advice and assistance to its members and prospective vendors. Members receive education and support so that they are better equipped to maximise returns from their vending services.

The AAVA, now known as the National Vending Association (NVA), speaks on behalf of the vending industry and represents vending operators who only have a few machines through to those operating several hundred.
NVA has laid down a code of ethics & customer charter which all professional vending operators observe. A hard copy of NVA’s Constitution can be obtained from the manager.

The NVA strongly believes that whenever decisions are made, or new policies devised, which may affect the vending industry, its members need to be made aware. NVA makes every effort to influence decision-making.

NVA has been successful in lobbying both State and Federal Governments with respect to legislation affecting the vending industry. These channels have been beneficial for both NVA members and the vending industry as a whole. Now that NVA has gone national, its voice and thus, outcomes, will be even greater.

Furthermore, NVA will continue to work towards unified plug and play standards for the vending industry. The association will also serve as a resource centre on vending technologies and innovation.