Ethics & Charter

National Vending Association (NVA) Code of Ethics

Members of NVA recognise their obligation to serve the public, their customers and the community. They are aware of the responsibility to the industry and in business dealings, shall endeavour to elevate its standards.

As a member of the Association:

1. They consider Automatic Merchandising a worthy vocation, as it affords them a distinct opportunity to service the public. They will therefore, always keep the public’s welfare and well-being first in mind.

2. They hold that the sale of goods and services for profit is proper and ethical, provided that all parties in the transaction are benefited thereby.

3. They will offer only high quality merchandise and service to the public at all times.

4. They will see that merchandise or service machines are always clean, attractive and in good working order. They will have them serviced by competent personnel as frequently as the type of merchandise or service may require and meet all quality control standards.

5. They will operate only those merchandising or service machines that clearly show when they are empty or those that will provide for the return of the patron’s money if no merchandise is delivered or service rendered.

6. They will see that all merchandise or service machines are plainly marked with clear and simple instructions for their operation.

7. They will improve themselves, increase efficiency and will constantly strive to better service the public

8. They recogonise the Automatic Vending Industry as a modern and efficient means of creating increased distribution of the products of Australian Manufacturers and industries to the public.

Customer Charter

This vending operator, as a member of NVA, is proud to acknowledge that it trades in accordance with the NVA code of ethics.

The Customer Charter is the basis for a continuing satisfactory, fair trading relationship with our customers.

Customers can expect to receive value for money, high quality service and products from our vending operation.

We operate our vending machines to inspire and sustain customer confidence.

Our vending machines can be operated conveniently and efficiently by the users and will be checked and restocked in accordance with timetables agreed with our customers.

Our trained staff will ensure that machines in our charge are maintained to the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

Machine faults will be attended to within an agreed time and our spare parts service will cover the reasonable life of the machines we supply.

Sufficient information will be available at the location to direct the attention of users in the event of difficulty.

We will not engage in any form of selling, promotion, operation, advertising or publicity which is likely to bring the vending industry into disrepute.

We actively support all environmental initiatives pertaining to the vending industry.

In the unlikely event that a complaint should arise which cannot be resolved, we agree to accept the decision of the NVA Disputes procedure as set out in the NVA Constitution.